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Osiris: New Dawn is a 3D, multiplayer, open-universe, space survival, adventure game. Imagine if the movies Prometheus and The Martian became a survival adventure game – that is what Osiris is aiming to be.
Osiris: New Dawn will be launching into Steam Early Access on September 28, 2016 on PC. There are also plans to bring the game to console platforms in the future.
Osiris will be sold at $24.99 when it launches into Early Access. We will use the default Steam pricing matrix to set pricing around the world (£18.99, €22.99).
The core campaign mode (single player, online multiplayer, co-op and PvP) will be available at Early Access launch. There is a very long-term plan to feature major updates every month.
The current plan is to have anywhere between 30 to 40 players on a given planet server.
Players will be able to explore the planet, gain resources and materials to craft many structures and equipment, grow food, research technology, manufacture vehicles and weapons with the goal of colonizing the planet. Players will come in frequent contact with the indigenous alien species (12 planned for Early Access launch) as they expand and explore more of the planet and – in time – uncover the dark mystery that hangs over Project Osiris.
There will be official public online servers for Osiris where players can collaborate and help each other to colonize the planet more efficiently (PvE) or play against each other in two separate factions (PvP). You will have the ability to host private server set to your own preferences with options including XP multipliers, resource availability, alien spawn rate and player damage. There are also future plans for multiplayer specific game modes.
Right now there is a proficiency system where when you use a particular skill you become better at it. For example, the more you use your pistol the more accurate and powerful it can become. You can also level up and apply earned points to a variety of stats increasing things like movement speed, health and weight capacity.
We currently have the functionality to travel to other planets built into the game feature set. However, until we feel the starter planet has a fully realised experience we’ll continue to focus on adding content to it before finalizing other planets. Each planet will be intelligently designed and offer a different survival experience with it’s own unique environment hazards materials, creatures, plants and crafting schematics.
The current plan is to launch the full game sometime in 2017 with a fully realized Gleise 581 Solar System.
While it's not in the current development timeline, Virtual Reality is definitely a possibility for Osiris.
Osiris will be comparable to other survival/crafting games though we are striving to offer a unique atmosphere making space a beautiful yet terrifying experience. A big difference will be the high-end visuals that set a new standard in this genre; from the breath-taking landscapes to the incredible realistic IK (e.g. inverse kinematics) animation system, very few games in the survival/crafting genre will match the graphic quality of Osiris.
We want to give players the ability to setup any type of game for their online experience. We will have both dedicated public servers and the ability to host private servers where you can just play with friends. We will have many server options so that players can customize how they want to play (Add or remove resource spawns, decrease amounts of creatures, etc.). We are currently using Photon Cloud infrastructure to run our official public servers. We also want to give players the ability to host their own dedicated servers, as well as rent servers from third parties who we are currently in discussions with for the future.
Conceptual designs started 5 years ago, with the first playable prototype developed 2 years ago. Primary development started in 2014.
Fenix Fire Entertainment CEO and founder Brian McRae is a 16-year industry veteran and has worked on a number of different titles at Double Helix, Midway, and Blizzard (Starcraft: Ghosts). The demand for his skill and reputation as an environmental artist lead him to work on some of the fundamental VR tech demos for Oculus including Tuscany, EVE: Online, and CinemaVR with John Carmack.

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